Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing catch-up

Okay - so I'm going to try to get caught up today for the past few weeks (okay maybe several weeks). The baby is doing well. I'm thirteen weeks along and everything is progressing very well. The baby was a bit stubborn at yesterday's doctor appointment (it took longer than I would like to find the heartbeat), but once we did it was nice and strong and in the upper 160's. I go back on November 18th for my next check-up and we scheduled the ultrasound for December 9th. Hopefully a new doctor and new ultrasound machine will give us a better view than we had with the boys! Either way, we'll have a 4D ultrasound near the end of January, first of February, so we'll be able to verify then.
Our house has been somewhat chaotic - we've been wanting to redo our floors for sometime, but we decided (Aaron and I still fuss over who's idea it was) to go ahead and repaint the whole house in the process. The kitchen is pretty much done and while the hardwoods were put down in the living room yesterday, we've had to order more for the hallway and then we'll just have to finish installing and painting all the trim. Aaron's done the largest bulk of the work, but I've done a little here and there. Next we'll tackle the three bedrooms including the study which will soon become a nursery. They'll all get new paint and carpet too. Aaron's even thinking about making us a new headboard for the master bedroom, so we'll be pretty busy from now until...well, I guess forever!
All else is well - Aaron and IntelCell are doing great. There was a fantastic article in the Fall 2008 Huntsville R & D magazine about Cellulosix (the company Aaron took to this year's Alabama Launchpad competition), but they also discussed IntelCell a little and got a hair to do another article. So, Aaron will be on the cover of the Winter 2008 edition (January, I think). When the Huntsville Times got wind of that, they called for a story too. All this press has got to be good! I'm so proud!
Okay - I'll do my best to get all of our recent pics up and try to stay caught up - we'll see how that goes!