Friday, February 27, 2009

The Circus!

I was so excited today - I got to spend most of the day with my Sambo and his kindergarten class at the circus. Sam and I had the best time - he and his best buddy Will sat together (notice the wink!) and had a great time through the whole thing. While my favorite were the elephants, Sam's were the tigers - hands down! I can't wait for the time two years from now when I get to share this special day with Jack Jack and his kindergarten class!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My little helper!

Who says I need a maid - I've got my Jack Jack!

Should've Known

We decided to order a new car seat (Jack's was too old anyway) and stroller and since we're having a girl, why not go girlie! I should have known that a new present for the baby would yield endless hours of fun for the boys - the box became their new house and with a little help from daddy, had a door, windows, and eventually, even a sunlight! I think I'm going to put cardboard boxes on the top of their Christmas lists this year!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

7, 7, 7

Alright - I usually ignore these tags, but I was curious to see what this one would actually turn out like - so you go to your 7th picture folder, find the 7th picture and then tag 7 other people. This one is Sam on Easter Sunday 2005 - he would have been about 2 1/2 and I would have been about five months along with Jack. What a cutie! Umm, do I know anybody to tag? Probably nobody that hasn't already been tagged, so Brandie, Sara, Mary J., Becki, Trudy, Wendi, and Clarissa - you're it!